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Proposal Guidelines for Nepal IGF

Nepal Internet Governance Forum (Nepal IGF) is an open multi-stakeholders Platform formed to discuss and identify issues and priorities, and ultimately advances the development of Internet governance in the Nepal. We lobby the key possibilities of multistakeholder environment with the value to create better environment of collaboration and communication.

The Nepal IGF will be hosted by the Internet Society Nepal Chapter with a 2-day event with the theme of “Building Sustainable Internet Ecosystem in Nepal”

Our Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group (MSG) now would like to call upon the community to contribute to the program development process and suggest any pre-events or workshop proposals for 2017. More details can be followed on
If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact the secretariat at [email protected].

Submission of Workshop proposal

  1. The proposal should be subjected to the theme of Internet Governance issues of Nepal
  2. Workshop proposals can be submitted only via our online submission system within the deadline
  3. As soon as you submit the proposal you will received an automatic confirmation email  will be received for your reference
  4. Proposal need at least 3 confirm speakers and their details
  5. The program committee members cannot submit any proposal

Session Formats

Below are some of the examples of possible sessions, workshop organizers are welcome to suggest new ideas.

Roundtable (60/90 mins) – Interactive dialogue with all participants with designated moderators and not more than 2 speakers.

Workshop (60/90 mins) – A more hands-on oriented session with small break out groups. e.g. role-play discussion, fishbowl discussion

Tutorials (60 mins) – A capacity building or peer-learning session on specific issues for newcomers or general participants. The format of delivery shall be clearly described in the proposal.

Open Forum (30/45/60 mins) – A space for any organizations to showcase their recent Internet governance activities, research findings or any new initiatives to seek engagement or collaboration within the Asia Pacific Community.

Conversation (30/45/60 mins) – Share your experiences and ideas, and invite reflection or feedback

Bird of Feather (BoF) (30/45/60 mins) – An informal discussion session designed to connect the participants of shared topic of interests without a pre-planned agenda

Hackathon (Flexible) – Meet-up for collectively & collaboratively improving software or hardware

Panel (60/90 mins) – Presentation and viewpoints sharing by speakers on a particular topic. The number of speakers on the panel shall not be more than 6 to allow sufficient time for interaction with the floor.

Other –  You can also create your own formats, as long as they fit within the allocated times and spaces.

Key points to be noted

Evaluation: The proposal will be evaluated on fairly basis highlighting basic standard method of evaluation

Mergers: During the evaluation the MSG or fellowship or Program may suggest for the mergers of proposal as upon evaluation, the proposal sender are under no obligation to accept a merger, but risk losing the opportunity to hold their workshop

Responsibilities of Workshop Organizers

  • Be inclusive and foster new connections between participants
  • Respect diversity of opinion, experience and background
  • Design your workshop to fit under Nepal IGF 2017 themes
  • Respect your time allocation, plan to maximize the use of the time available
  • Invite different organizations or projects to collaborate on the workshop with you
  • Promote the Nepal IGF among your network and promote your session
  • Submit a session summary report within 2 weeks after the conference
  • Participate in the Synthesis Document development
  • Successful Workshop Submission Examples

If you have any technical difficulties with the submission form, please contact the secretariat at [email protected]

News and Events

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Request interested participants to submit this form to participant Nepal IGF 2017 at Hotel Yellow Pagoda, Kantipath. REGISTRATION

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Workshop Submission Deadline August 10, 2017

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Nepal IGF declaration has been signed

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Nepal IGF declaration has been signed by on Feb 21, 2017 in an event at Department of Information Technology, Government of Nepal, Thapagaun, Kathmandu, Nepal. The declaration was signed by 23 person from Six different stakeholder group.

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