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18-19 August 2017



Nepal Internet Governance Forum (Nepal IGF)

INTERNET SOCIETY NEPAL, Forum for Digital Equality and the High Level Commission on Information Technology conducted the first formal discussion on Internet Governance in 27th November just before the Hyderabad IGF. Various government bodies, organizations, associations and agencies have been involved in IG discussion at different names and forms. Right before APrIGF 2016, some of major stakeholders (DoIT, ISOC Nepal, FDE, ISPAN and IOE) had a meeting at Department of Information Technology on conducting a full stakeholder’s meeting for wider

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To facilitate inclusive, productive discussions on Internet related public policy issues from a general perspective, while keeping all stakeholders involved. IGF adheres to the generally used UN principle of discouraging ad hominem attacks. Participants should refrain from singling out individual persons, companies, countries or entities during their interventions and throughout the general discussions and debates […]

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Paragraph 72 of the Tunis Agenda recommended UN Secretary General to convene IGF as follows: We ask the UN Secretary-General, in an open and inclusive process, to convene, by the second quarter of 2006, a meeting of the new forum for multi-stakeholder policy dialogue—called the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). Followings are major mandate of IGF: […]

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Nepal Internet Governance Forum 2017

The Nepal Internet Governance Forum (Nepal IGF 2017) would be a platform where all Internet stakeholders are openly invited with no reservation to discuss operational.

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Request to Registration for Participation on Nepal IGF 2017

Publish on: August 8, 2017

Request interested participants to submit this form to participant Nepal IGF 2017 at Hotel Yellow Pagoda, Kantipath


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Call for workshop proposals

Publish on: July 26, 2017

Nepal IGF Secretariat would like to invite  interested organization, individuals and stake holders to submit their proposal The proposal form

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Call for proposal to host Nepal IGF 2018



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